As a marketing agency, sometimes the hardest thing to make time for is your own marketing efforts. We talk about them, we assign tasks and set timelines… and then a big client project rolls in, and we get distracted. 

Six months later, someone asks… “Whatever happened to X?” and we all stare at each other, shoulders shrugging. 

But! We got it done recently with our newly designed website. It took a few months, from start to finish, to complete the thing, but we’re happy with how it turned out, and we hope you like it, too. 

I thought it would be interesting to some to briefly review the thinking behind the new design and some of the choices we made. After all, website redesigns need to be thoughtful, intentional, and focused – not simply “it should look better.” Aesthetics are important, but so is navigation, messaging, and structure. 

Let’s take a look. 

Goal 1: Highlight our clients

One of the big lessons we’ve learned and internalized recently is that marketing is largely about relationships. Our clients are most successful when there is trust and understanding present, and honestly we all have a much better time. 

Solution: While we include lots of portfolio items in the site, we wanted to go deeper than just highlighting the work we did for our clients – we wanted to highlight them. That’s why we have a big portrait of one of our favorites – Two Labs’ VP of Marketing, Jessica Krauser – and included a slideshow with pictures of events we’ve helped with at Two Labs. 

Goal 2: Emphasize our purpose

We’ve been talking to a lot of clients this past year about the importance of developing a “why.” In today’s business ecosystem, there are so many products and services, so many options, that it’s difficult to stand out, even if you have the very best product. So it’s becoming a lot more important for businesses to talk about why they do what they do and what they stand for, allowing consumers to make quicker choices for products/services they’re considering. 

Solution: We updated the copy on our homepage, organized around the phrase “Reimagining what marketing can do.” We then highlight our vision, that marketing has the ability to transform businesses, inspire individuals, and strengthen communities. 

Goal 3: Let our work shine

We say it all the time – marketing starts and ends with the audience in mind. When it comes to an agency site, we know that one of the primary things looked for is examples of our work. 

Solution: We rebuilt all of our portfolio pages (under the Work page), rewrote descriptions, and organized them under different categories. 

And, of course, we gave the overall design of the site a big facelift, which makes it more enjoyable to spend time on. 

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!