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Measuring Social ROI

Here at PRISM, we spend a lot of time talking about that magical acronym, ROI.  In our most recent newsletter, we reported that 68% of B2B companies in the U.S. allocate just 5% or less of their company revenue to marketing. Budgets are tight. We get that. Luckily, the digital age enables you to track and measure virtually every marketing initiative you undertake— information that translates into ROI. 
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Fear No More

I’ve never really been a person who is scared or someone who worries about things out of my control. My typical MO is to charge into things (sometimes too quickly!) with a positive outlook and the thought that everything will turn out fine. As I’ve aged, however, life has thrown its share of curveballs at me and I have seen caution and even fear, enter my mind more frequently.

I began running five years ago after the loss of a child late in pregnancy. My physician suggested drugs to help my insomnia, but first I decided to try running as a way of physically exhausting myself. It worked. I slowly got stronger and healthier. I kept my competitive nature under control and told myself that I was perfectly content with just running 2-3 miles a night. It was MY drug and all was good. Then, my devoted P90X, uber-motivated husband started talking about a Thanksgiving “trot” that he had done several times in Cincinnati. He claimed I could handle it, he said the exhilaration of the moment would carry me. He told me about the scores of senior citizens who do this run, so surely I could handle it, too? Right??
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It’s a word that every entrepreneur knows all too well. The gamechanger is a big event, opportunity or innovation that can radically transform a business. If you are trying to grow a business, a gamechanger can be illusive. Difficult to achieve and find, it’s not always apparent what or who is the big “ah-ha” that you really need.

As a small business owner, so much of my life is intertwined—there is no clear delineation between work and family—and of late, I have come to realize that I need a gamechanger in a big way. Recently, we’ve had a few family illnesses that have had Scott and me on the road. Many of my days consisted of heading to work before dawn, getting in the car to be gone all day and then returning home at night to play catch up.
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